Borough Furnace Skillets

It's tough to beat a cast iron skillet in terms of culinary versatility — you can use the same piece of cookware for anything from searing a steak to frying potatoes, and just about anything in between — and they're guaranteed to last for generations to come, while getting better with each use. Borough Furnace Skillets are each individually cast from nothing but recycled iron (they take as much as eight weeks to deliver one lovingly-crafted skillet), so you don't have to worry about their quality. Each one comes pre-seasoned, and sports a long handle that stays cool to the touch, so all you have to think about is the next meal you're going to cook.

  • Bkon Craft Brewer

    Brewing tea, brewing coffee, or infusing a liquid with flavor — all done every day, all over the world. But not like this. The Bkon Craft Brewer is aiming to revolutionize the brewing process with a technology it calls RAIN — Reverse Atmospheric INfusion. Basically, it does its magic in a vacuum chamber, using negative pressure (and lower temperatures) to coax every bit of flavor out of your tea, herbs, fruit, or whatever else you put in there and blend it perfectly with the liquid of your choosing. Oh, and it takes only a minute for tea, and a couple for vodka. And it sports a touchscreen that's pre-loaded with hundreds of recipes and hooked to the cloud for sharing/downloading more, meaning all you need is some tea, some water, and a finger to tap the screen.

  • Hey Joe Coffee Mug

    Never mind the fact that it's named after a song about killing an ex-lover — the Hey Joe Coffee Mug will bring a smile to your face faster than a Hendrix solo. How, you ask? By brewing your coffee in the mug itself, anytime, any place. It's powered by a detachable, USB-rechargeable battery, and instead of heating your coffee to hell and gone then making you wait for it to cool, it heats the water precisely so you can start enjoying it as soon as it's done brewing.

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