Bottle Key

Bottle Key

No matter what you keep in your pockets or bag on a full-time basis, odds are you have some keys. Now you can add a bottle opener to that list. The Bottle Key ($11) is a lovely, distressed-looking blank key made from antique brass with a bottle opener built-in, meaning you'll never be bumming openers or destroying someone else's Bic again.

  • Lichty Guitars

    Sometimes guitars are just tools, there to make sound and nothing else. That's not the case with Lichty Guitars ($4,000 and up). Lovingly handmade by Jay Lichty in his Tryon, NC workshop, these guitars are as much pieces of art as instruments — although they're good at that too — thanks to their construction from striking woods like Brazilian Rosewood, Cocobolo, Bubinga, Claro Walnut, Koa, and Pau Ferro. Just don't go all punk rock with one of these — it would be a real shame to see one smashed onstage.

  • Carr Amplifiers

    Have a classic, custom, or otherwise high-end guitar that needs an equally-awesome amp to go with it? Look no further than Carr Amplifiers ($1,150-$3,350). Built by actual guitarists in a small shop in North Carolina, these versatile amps are instruments unto themselves, ready to take your sound from solid to signature while their off-beat, unique designs do the same for your stage setups. Plug in, jam out, and enjoy.

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