Bozal Ancestral Mezcal

The masses are still slowly being exposed to Mezcal, and that exposure stands to grow with the release of Bozal Ancestral Mezcal. The Bozal line aims to uncover different agave varieties, such as the extremely limited maguey Papalote used in this special batch. Papalote is wild agave grown on the mountain slopes of the Río Mezcala basin in Chilapa, Guerrero, and is harvested by the mezcaleros using traditional techniques to create this artisan, handmade mezcal. Packaged in this handsome, dark bottle meant to pay homage to the terra cotta copitas used for drinking mezcal.

  • Espadin Marca Negra Mezcal

    Mezcal is a unique, ancient, and quite amazing spirit that has yet to break through to the mainstream. You could say it's a relative of tequila, because both use agave, but that's where the similarities end. Mezcal is best described by the term it is derived from, "oven-cooked agave", a process that gives this spirit it's unique qualities. Espadin Marca Negra Mezcal ($100) is a great place to start, especially if you enjoy the smoky qualities found in scotch. Marca Negra (Black Hand) might be one of the smokiest Mezcal's around actually, making it a fine candidate to pair with a fine cigar on a cold night.

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