Bulletproof Coffee

We know what you're thinking, but unfortunately, Bulletproof Coffee didn't get its name from providing you with superhero-like toughness — but it can provide heroic levels of focus. It starts with the beans, which are chosen to deliver maximum alertness, and finishes with the MCT oil, which improved memory and cognition while promoting fat burning. Add in a little unsalted grass-fed butter, and you've got a delicious way to start your day that will keep you focused and energized all day long.

  • Whiskey Barrel Coffee

    There are some things in life that are just made to go together — cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs — and of course, whiskey and coffee. With Whiskey Barrel Coffee, you get the best of two great things, blended together for a beverage that's at once sweet, smooth, and smoky. Green coffee beans are aged in authentic bourbon barrels, infusing them with the taste of whiskey, and then they're roasted in a vintage European roaster for a rich, full-bodied taste. The whole beans are then stored in wax-sealed, labeled, and numbered bottles, ready for you to grind at home for fresh, great coffee.

  • Cold Bruer

    Sipping on a cup of cold brewed coffee during the afternoon sure beats crushing a high fructose corn syrup soda, but it's usually a more expensive and more difficult process. The makers of Cold Bruer ($50) know that, and want to make it easier for you to brew at home. The system features a clean, sleek design which is highlighted during a visually appealing process. Kick the soda to the curb and save the cash from your coffee jar in favor of something that looks good and tastes better.

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