Burton Mix Master Gloves

Burton Mix Master Gloves

It wasn't long after the iPod's debut that winter sport enthusiasts realized that controlling the thing with gloves on was a real pain — and they've spent the last ten years coming up with ways to get around it. The Burton Mix Master Gloves ($160) represent one of the smartest solutions we've seen, integrating controls into the glove that communicate reliably with any iPod or iPhone over an RF connection. Of course, they also need to be good gloves, so they pack a waterproof Dryride Insane Membrane, a Gnar Guard leather exterior, microfiber lining, and a Pistol Grip pre-curved fit that increases dexterity while ensuring warmth. [Scouted by Jeff]

  • ThermaFresh Cardboard Cooler Boxes

    We've all resorted to using a cheap Styrofoam cooler at one point or another, so we all know they suck, what with their flimsy construction, cheap looks, and sounds of foam-on-foam violence that echo through the backseat when they're present. Thankfully, there's now an alternative. ThermaFresh Cardboard Cooler Boxes ($15) use NorShield waterproof inner lining for weatherproofing and reusability, and thanks to their thick cardboard construction, they can keep 30 liters of goods cool for up to 36 hours in normal conditions with just two bags of ice. Best of all, they're made from 70% recycled cardboard, and are themselves recyclable — which is a lot more than you can say for the ol' foammaster. [via]

  • Black Diamond Magnetron Carabiner

    Tired of messing with twistlocks, screwlocks, or, worse yet, no-lock carabiners? The Black Diamond Magnetron Carabiner ($30) will soon be here to give you smooth, one-handed locking and unlocking action. This innovative design employs magnetic attraction to a steel insert inside the carabiner nose to keep two independent arms locked in place, each of which must be individually depressed before the gate can be opened — and once it is, opposing fields repel the arms to ensure reliable operation.

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