Bushmills x Grado Headphones

Whether it's the base of a turntable or lining your speaker system, woodgrain is a great companion to high quality audio equipment. Which is why the Bushmills X Grado Headphones ($395) are eye catchers. The headphone earcups are made from wood sourced from old whiskey barrels from the Bushmills Distillery, feature a leather headband, and come in a limited edition wooden box and headphone pouch. Designed by celebrity audiophile Elijah Wood, these headphones are sure to turn heads and deliver high quality sound at the same time.

  • Ultimate Ears Boom Speaker

    While most of the available portable speaker systems out there project sound in just one direction, the Ultimate Ears Boom Speaker ($180) projects sound 360 degrees, filling any space with immersive audio. At a weight of just above one pound, and just over a half-foot long, these speakers are also made to go anywhere, easily slipping into most bags. It's coated in an acoustic skin (available in a range of colors) that makes it resistant to water and stains, so you don't have to worry about ruining it if the weather turns sour. Wireless connectivity with a 50 foot range, 15 hours of battery life, and the ability to chain multiple speakers together gives it plenty of versatility and reliability.

  • iRecorder Speaker

    Ever have one of those toy tape recorders as a kid? If so, the iRecorder Speaker ($50) should immediately spawn memories of packed lunches and horrible, thankfully-lost recordings of you singing along to Bon Jovi records. This novelty system features a built-in speaker, a pull-out handle for childlike ghetto blasting, working buttons, the ability to run off micro USB or 3AA battery power, and a "tape compartment" for your iPhone. The only thing that's missing? A built-in mic and a record button — although that might be a good thing.

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