Cabela's 50th Anniversary Fishing Gear

Cabela's 50th Anniversary Fishing Gear

Most companies release a simple, limited edition product to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Cabela's, on the other hand, appears to have released a limited edition anniversary version of everything they've ever sold. Okay, not really, but amongst the range of Cabela's 50th Anniversary Fishing Gear ($3-$2,200) you'll find lures, rods, reels, hats, guns, vests, coffee mugs, jackets, rifle scopes, t-shirts, shot glasses, and a bunch of other stuff that you probably don't need but is sure to raise your cred at the local fishing hole.

  • S-Biner Ahhh

    Carry cords, keys, what have you with the S-Biner Ahhh ($4). This dual-ended product features two robust gate carabiner clips for carrying/joining rope, stainless steel construction, and two built-in bottle openers which will no doubt need require alcoholic acrobatics to open two at once. [Thanks, Weston]

  • Spot Connect

    When you're (way) off the grid and need to check in with family, call for some anti-venom, or just update your Facebook status, make sure you're packing the Spot Connect ($170 + $100 year). This small, waterproof brick pairs with your smartphone to hook you into the Globalstar satellite network so you can send messages and GPS coordinates from just about anywhere on Earth. It currently only works with Android-powered phones, but support for other devices is coming later this year.

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