Need a little extra motivation to help you tackle your to-do list? Carrot ($1) should do nicely. Touted as a to-do list "with a personality", this moody little app will reward you when you're being productive, while greeting you with a clean, white/black/blue interface. Start slacking, however, and you'll be greeted by an angry app, complete with a black/white/red interface and not-so-subtle hints that you need to stop being so lazy. With over 300 rewards and two full "chapters" to unlock, it's like a game inside a productivity app.

  • Mailbox

    If you've ever heard of Merlin Mann's Inbox Zero concept, then you know you can boost productivity by focusing only on the emails that matter. Mailbox ($Free) is designed to do exactly that. It features a simple, gesture-powered interface that quickly lets you archive or delete mail, or "snooze" it until later so you focus on more important messages — they'll return to your inbox later. In addition, it organizes conversations into a chat-like structure, making it more easy to follow long threads. It's available now for the iPhone and works with all Gmail accounts, but you'd best be prepared to wait a while before you get to use it — last time we heard there was quite a line.

  • Simple Bracket

    Filling out NCAA basketball tournament brackets is a yearly ritual around Uncrate HQ, but this year it looks like we might have a new tool for doing so. Simple Bracket ($1 and up) aims to rethink how brackets are handled on a mobile device, by giving you smart, scrollable lists of teams for each round in lieu of the traditional bracket, which requires far too much swiping and scrolling to be efficient. In addition, the app will offer an improved scoring system that rewards players for upset picks and a Twitter-based login system that makes it easy to create pools and invite friends. Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

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