Case Hobo Knife

Never be forced to use crappy plastic silverware again with the Case Hobo Knife. Featuring an amber bone handle and made in the USA from surgical steel, this handy pocketable tool features a sharp blade, a fork, and a spoon, all built into a foldable body that allows the utensils to detach for eating/cleaning. Just don't equate it's humble purpose with cheapness or lack of quality — while it might be designed for a hobo, it's definitely not priced for one.

  • Gerber Blade Money Clip

    Some days call for a slimmer carry than your everyday load out — forcing you to leave behind the junk that typically bulks up your pockets — but that doesn't mean you should leave the house completely unprepared. With the Gerber Blade Money Clip you get a portable alternative for carrying a few cards and some cash with a small built-in knife that would make a boy scout proud. Made from a titanium-nitride-coated steel body with a G10 front plate, this money clip is capable of holding up to five cards at a time. The blade slips into the money clip, disguised by its less than four-inch length, and it still manages to weigh less than a quarter of a pound.

  • Baladeo Le Retro Knife

    With a design that originated in north-central France in the 1950s, the Baladeo Le Retro Knife offers a great mix of style and utility. Two blades, a saw, a can opener, a punch, a corkscrew, a piercing tool, and, of course, a bottle opener are all available inside its stainless steel body, which is finished off with a true blonde horn handle. It's not the most versatile multifunction knife we've ever seen, but it also won't leave you looking like you're geared up for an adventure when all you're doing is heading to the local coffee shop.

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