C.H. Hanson Precision Ball Level

Burst the bubble and step up to the C.H. Hanson Precision Ball Level. This unique tool replaces the traditional bubble vial with an aviation-style floating ball that can measure and level any angle or pitch and levels in two directions at the same time, letting you go beyond the traditional square to create precise angled works of carpentry art.

  • Field House Trusty Workshop Apron

    Made from salvaged, heavily-used canvases and sporting a design based on hours of customer conversations, The Field House Trusty Workshop Apron ($165) is designed to be your go-to cover when taking care of projects big and small. Constructed by third-generation Seattle sailmaker George Broom, this no-nonsense apron features a criss-cross harness system for comfort, two chest pockets — one for a calculator and one for a carpenter's pencil + compass — and a large pouch pocket with dividers for nails, screws, and other tools, all covered by a flap to keep sawdust and debris away from your gear.

  • Stud 4 Sure

    No matter how many lasers, levels, and other doodads they add to normal stud finders, one thing remains constant — they're pretty much always a hit-or-miss affair. Literally. So believe us when we say that the C.H. Hanson Stud 4 Sure is the first we've used that consistently works, time after time. It requires no battery power or calibration, instead using über-powerful rare earth magnets to pinpoint the location of screws or nails in the stud — so powerful, in fact, that it will hang hands-free on the wall — leaving no doubt as to where you should be hammering or drilling. Beware searching Google for it, however, lest you find "drilling" of a whole other kind.

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