Check The Weather

Let's face it: the iPhone's built-in Weather app isn't the most useful thing in the world. If you're the type of person that likes a little more information about what's going on, you should love Check The Weather ($2). It gives you quick access to current conditions, hourly temperature and precipitation forecasts, an extended 16-day outlook, astronomical data, hazardous weather alerts from the NWS, and Doppler Radar precipitation maps, all within a gorgeous interface with clean design and world-class fonts and icons. And it's hard to buy anything world-class with just two bucks. [via]

  • Devour App

    Our favorite site for watching awesome videos — — has now made our favorite app for watching awesome videos. Just like the site, the Devour iPhone/iPad App (Free) is packed with amazing/hilarious/insightful hand-picked videos, saving you from sifting through the bajillions of YouTube and Vimeo crapola videos yourself. The Devour app has both Latest and Most Popular categories, along with an app-exclusive Leftovers category full of videos that barely missed the cut of the legendary homepage. The app also brings AirPlay support for watching videos on your television (Apple TV required), a button for surfing videos randomly, and the ability to save your favorite videos to your own Playlist. We don't always watch web videos, but when we do, we prefer

  • Cardiio

    Is it magic? We're not sure, but we are sure that Cardiio ($5) can do something it shouldn't just by looking at your face. Based on MIT technology, it measures when your face is reflecting more light and when it's not, giving you a semi-accurate idea of your heart rate without ever having to strap a single sensor to your wrist, chest, or nether regions. [Scouted by Richard]

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