ChefJet 3D Printer

Just in case chefs and bakers were feeling left out of the whole 3D printing revolution, the ChefJet 3D Printer ($5,000-$10,000) is made not for engineering nerds and at-home DIYers, but for the culinary-elite who want to take their creations a step further. Instead of printing in PLA filament, these printers make three-dimensional creations out of sugar in a number of flavors including chocolate, vanilla, mint, sour apple, cherry, and watermelon. Available in two variations, there is a smaller monochrome printer meant to sit on a counter, and a full-color professional model that will print creations as large as ten by 14 by eight inches. Sweet treats may never be the same again.

  • LaCie Sphère

    Just because you need more storage space for everything on your computer — whether it's regular backups, your ridiculous collection of MP3s, an archive of every photo you've ever taken, or your complete video library — doesn't mean you need to junk up your desk with some clunky-looking hard drive. The LaCie Sphère ($500) is a truly gorgeous work of industrial art, and with USB 3.0 connectivity and a terabyte of storage space, it's no slouch either. Handcrafted and silvered in France, the enclosure is made by master craftsmen at Christofle, sports a unique round shape, and is polished for a highly-reflective surface. And with USB 3.0, it's nearly three times faster than regular USB, all without requiring a power cable.

  • Lapka Bam Breathalyzer

    Whether you're using it to help you decide between getting behind the wheel or calling a cab, or just engaging in some friendly BAC competition between drinking buddies, the breathalyzer is a great tool for helping you stay in touch with the effect those beers are having on your body. But, with clunky design, clumsy interfaces, and interchangeable mouth cups, they haven't changed much since their inception — until the Lapka Bam Breathalyzer ($200). Encased in ceramic, this small cylinder fits conveniently within your palm, using your hand as the mouthpiece, and an app on your iOS or Android phone — via audio signal — as the interface. As your BAC rises, the app actually changes, updating to make it easier to read and more useful. It's an artful combination of form and function, that may just save you from a costly DUI, or worse.

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