Chip Smart Cookie Oven

No matter how good they are, store-bought cookies just can't compare to homemade. The Chip Smart Cookie Oven lets you easily bake your own in 10 minutes or less. It uses a highly-efficient carbon-fiber heating element combined with a convection system to heat up instantly and ensure consistent air flow. Using a companion app, you scan the barcode off a pack of specially-made dough pods, drop the dough in, and the oven does the rest, automatically adjusting the temperature and cooling down at just the right time to guarantee perfectly baked cookies, every time.

Photos: Alex Golov

  • Bob Multi-Opener

    It's time to replace that rusty bottle opener with a tool that can handle several jobs and look great in the process. The Bob Multi-Opener will not only handle any bottle you task it with, but it also has the capability to tackle screw tops, pull-tabs, vacuum lids, beverage cans, and much more. The perfect addition to your kitchen that looks outstanding while it works or rests, thanks to design from Nicholai Wiig-Hansen.

  • Gina Smart Coffee Instrument

    The perfect brew can take a lot of equipment and experience. For those of you who are lacking both, the Gina Smart Coffee Instrument is what your morning routine needs. A specially designed valve gives you three brewers in one, allowing you to easily switch between pour-over, immersion and cold drip. The built-in smart scale has bluetooth technology to connect to your phone, allowing you to keep track all of your measurements until you find the ideal ration. For the beginner baristas, the app will not only collect your personal data, but will also link you up with a community of coffee experts to help guide you though the process. Available in polished steel and a white or black powder coated finish.

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