No, it's not some ridiculous Swiss Army-style household implement for mopping, dusting, scrubbing, and generally taking care of the house. Instead, ChoreMonster ($Free) is a clever little app that helps parents convince their kids to do their chores. As a parent, you can set up scheduled chores worth certain points, that you can approve once they're done. As your offspring collect enough points, they can "purchase" different rewards using their points, such as an hour of gaming, a trip to the movies, or a trip to Disney (that'd better be a lot of points).

  • Letterpress Game

    As if we needed yet another iOS time-waster. Oh well, we're already sucked in to Letterpress (Free-$1). The latest title from the creator of the app Tweetie — later known as Twitter — Loren Brichter, is a fun new word game that has you and your opponent take turns making words from a 5x5 board of letter tiles, turning the tile to their color. It uses Game Center, so it's easy to find and play against your friends, and it's free to try — you only need to pony up the buck if you want to play more than two games at once, see previously played words, and access additional themes.

  • Check The Weather

    Let's face it: the iPhone's built-in Weather app isn't the most useful thing in the world. If you're the type of person that likes a little more information about what's going on, you should love Check The Weather ($2). It gives you quick access to current conditions, hourly temperature and precipitation forecasts, an extended 16-day outlook, astronomical data, hazardous weather alerts from the NWS, and Doppler Radar precipitation maps, all within a gorgeous interface with clean design and world-class fonts and icons. And it's hard to buy anything world-class with just two bucks. [via]

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