Climber Pouch Wines

Climber Pouch Wines

There's a reason why flasks are the most popular alcohol transportation system for outdoorsy-types: bottles and cans simply aren't much fun to carry. Pouches, on the other hand, aren't too bad. Which is why we're digging Climber Pouch Wines ($17). Available in surprisingly tasty Cabernet or Chardonnay varieties, these affordable wines arrive in imminently portable 1.5L resealable pouches with an integrated spigot that ensures you won't be needlessly providing nearby ants with an alcoholic water park.

  • Northern Brewer Starter Kit

    Need a way to pass the time while you're stuck at the house this winter? Why not brew your own beer? The Northern Brewer Starter Kit ($80) includes most of the tools you need to get started, including two six-gallon buckets — one for fermenting, one for bottling — a fermentation lock, tubing, a bottle filler, brush, and capper, 144 bottle caps, a hydrometer, sanitizer, instructions, and a tutorial DVD. All you need are ingredients, a 2.5-gallon or larger kettle for brewing, and a whole bunch of empty bottles — and if you're considering buying this, we're guessing those won't be too hard to come by.

  • Effervescent Bacon Drink Tablets

    Turn any drink into a bacon-flavored treat with these Effervescent Bacon Drink Tablets ($4). Arriving in an handy portable tin, these wonderous cousins of Alka-Seltzer start dissolving the second you drop them into a glass of water, juice, soda, booze, or milk (gross), filling your goblet with the succulent flavor of bacon. Also great as a stocking stuffer, or for freaking out your vegetarian friends.

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