Coil Iced Coffee Brewer

Drink iced coffee when it's at its best and freshest with Coil. Up until now, to get iced coffee you had to either water it down using ice, or plan a day in advance by soaking the grounds. With Coil, just pour the hot coffee into the lid or brew it directly into the container. The coffee passes through copper tubing — which can drop the temperature from 210° to 48° in under 4 minutes. Instant gratification and your iced coffee never even touches ice.

  • Jiva Coffee Cubes

    Do you have access to hot water or milk? Then you have access to coffee — provided you remembered to pack yourself some Jiva Coffee Cubes. Made from premium Colombian Arabica beans and unrefined cane sugar, these compressed cubes are available in five flavors, and are ready to use anywhere you can find hot water. Just drop the cube in, wait 30 seconds, stir, and enjoy. Great for hiking, camping, or when traveling to remote regions where the best coffee available comes from McDonalds.

  • Bulletproof Coffee

    We know what you're thinking, but unfortunately, Bulletproof Coffee didn't get its name from providing you with superhero-like toughness — but it can provide heroic levels of focus. It starts with the beans, which are chosen to deliver maximum alertness, and finishes with the MCT oil, which improved memory and cognition while promoting fat burning. Add in a little unsalted grass-fed butter, and you've got a delicious way to start your day that will keep you focused and energized all day long.

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