Comador Cigars

It's hardly a secret that Jay Z is more than just a multi-platinum hip-hop icon — he's a business, man — and he's just added one more venture to his already-impressive portfolio. Comador Cigars ($350-$1,000), made in a partnership between Hove and Cohiba Red Dot, feature a signature blend of Carribean and Central American tobacco leaves that are aged for six months in a cedar room and wrapped in a Connecticut broadleaf binder. Currently available in three editions, you can have yours in either a mahogany humidor that houses 21 cigars, a smaller humidor meant for taking on the road, or a Robusto box (both come with seven).

  • Ploom Pax Vaporizer

    Say hello to the iPod of vaporizers. Pocketable and sleekly designed, the Ploom Pax Vaporizer ($250) is the perfect way to get your fix on the go. The mouthpiece retracts into the anodized aluminum body when not in use and serves as the on/off switch while an LED indicator light on the outside lets you know when your next puff is ready — in as little as 30 seconds, depending on the conditions. To recharge the internal battery, simply drop it onto the included dock — which also makes it easy to find next time you're heading out the door.

  • Combat Humidor

    Ever see one of those war movies where the battle's either finished or inevitability going to end in fatal defeat, leaving the heroes nothing to do but smoke a stogie? Pretend you're one of them with the Combat Humidor ($50). Crafted from M13 7.62x51 linked ammo cans, these portable humidors have been lined with Spanish cedar and create an airtight environment to keep your cigars in great conditions even on extended missions, whether they be into enemy territory or simply around 18 holes.

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