Confederate B91 Wraith Motorcycle

Confederate B91 Wraith Motorcycle

As cool as Harleys and crotch rockets are, sometimes it's best to have the most intriguing, original bike instead of the loudest or fastest. The B91 Wraith from Confederate Motorcycles ($55,000) is most definitely intriguing and original, featuring a design that is more 1900's than 2000's with a look that recalls board-track racers. On the mechanical side, the 410-pound bike has a 100-cubic-inch V-twin that produces more than 120 hp for those times when you really need to boogie. Handcrafted quality, exotic, retro looks and modern technology and materials — the best of all worlds.

  • Honda Ruckus

    There are times in your life when owning a scooter instead of a car just makes sense — especially with the price of gas as high as it is right now. The Honda Ruckus (starting at $2,000) has just the right mix of toughness and hipness to make it our absolute favorite. It has a tubular steel frame, oversized double headlights, tough off-road like tires, and a 49cc four-stroke engine with automatic transmission and electric starter. The Ruckus comes in all-black or black with silver and gray camouflage. And since it's a lightweight scooter, you can ride around for weeks with hardly any gas money — and since it's Honda, it will last forever so you can sell it to your little brother when you're done with it.

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