Consumer Concept Vehicle

Designer Joey Ruiter is adept at reimagining common modes of transportation — the Snoped and Tinnie 10 are proof. The Consumer Concept Vehicle is his latest, taking on the conventional car. As with his prior work, it sports an angular design finished primarily in black. The front "grille" is a two-way mirror, with an air intake on its edges and ultra-bright LEDs behind it that shine 54,000 lumens onto the road ahead. The slab-like cabin all but hides the wheels, giving the appearance of floating, and the rear portion is clad in versatile, outdoor-friendly Xorel fabric, while the front is made from metal and flips forward for access to the engine. Measuring just 135 inches long, it's surprisingly well-suited to urban environs, but like most of Ruiter's other work is unlikely to hit the market anytime soon.

  • Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

    Joining the SLS AMG and AMG GT in being designed entirely at AMG's Affalterbach HQ, the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept extends this tradition of performance to a four-door coupe. As is typical of concepts, it features several future-looking technologies, including a racing-inspired body with active radiator shutters, "nano active fiber" daytime running lights, and a performance hybrid system that marries a handcrafted AMG 4.0L biturbo V8 with a powerful electric motor. Sadly, it shares something else with most concepts: it's anyone's guess as to when or if we'll see a version ready for the road.

  • Spark SRT05E Formula E Race Car

    The first look at the latest concept from Spark for the FIA's Formula E racing series is nothing short of revolutionary. The Spark SRT05E Formula E Race Car is the company's latest challenge that is slated to be on the track for Formula E's fifth season in 2018. The new model will travel twice the distance of the current electric car which needs to be swapped out only halfway through a race. This much more powerful model features a more aerodynamic design, better efficiency in the drivetrain, and larger battery pack designed to keep it going for the entirety of a race. Spark has taken the past four years of Formula E experience to develop this concept, and we can't wait to see how it performs on the track in 2018.

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