Conversations with Scorsese

Conversations with Scorsese

Half autobiography, half master film class, Conversations with Scorsese ($20) is the result of a series of late-night discussions between Marty and his friend Richard Schickel. Topics range from Scorsese's sickly childhood on the streets of New York's Little Italy to his experiences at NYU, with plenty of time for discussion about his films, career, and Hollywood in general along the way. At 440+ pages, it's not a casual read, but it is a must read for any true film fan.

  • Modernist Cuisine

    Plenty of books can tell you how to cook something — but far fewer can tell you why to do so a certain way. Modernist Cuisine ($470) belongs in the latter category. Written primarily by ex-Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold and weighing in at 2,400 pages, this part cooking, part science six-volume set explains in simple, easy-to-understand terms the details behind practically every cooking method, making it just as useful for weekend grillmasters as it is for professional chefs. [Thanks, Chris]

  • The Selby Is in Your Place

    The works of creative thinkers are just half the story — to get the rest, you need to follow them home. And that's exactly what photographer Todd Selby did. The Selby Is in Your Place ($23) is a 250+ page collection of Selby's portraits of creative, dynamic, and just plain interesting people in the places where they live and work. Over 30 such profiles lie within; for the rest, check out his website.

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