Disturbing, insightful, and more often than not hilarious, Creepiosity ($6) celebrates the unintentionally creepy with zest and zeal. From hairless cats and used Band-Aids to scarily life-like baby dolls and a smiling Dick Cheney, this 190 page paperback will keep you entertained from cover-to-cover.

  • 3DD

    After we posted The Big Books, we heard an outcry from readers wondering if there was going to be a chest-oriented edition (okay, not really). As it turns out, all you "boob men" out there get an extra special treat — 3D. 3DD ($20) is filled with three-dimenional, anaglyph images of topless women, letting you admire the female form in an even more up-close and personal manner.

  • Strange Maps

    Smartphones may have replaced the traditional map for most people, but that doesn't mean there isn't an intriguing world of cartography outside the digital realm. Strange Maps ($20) is a collection of some of the most interesting maps produced throughout the centuries, including Thomas Jefferson's proposal for dividing the Northwest Territory, a map of Thomas More's Utopia, and even a "Jesusland" map based on voter profiles. Who knows — maybe the 17th century map showing California as an island will be accurate someday.

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