Cube Mobile Projector

Small enough to throw in a pocket, the Cube Mobile Projector delivers a picture far beyond its size. Its silver-finished body measures just two inches on each size, yet projects a 50 lumen WVGA image at sizes of up to 120". It supports Micro SD, MHL & HDMI inputs, has a built-in speaker, an LED bulb that lasts for over 20,000 hours, and includes its own tripod, yet weighs under a third of a pound.

  • Z4 Aurora Projector

    Home Theater In A Box used to mean one of those all-in-one crates from Best Buy that had a receiver and a slew of speakers inside. The Z4 Aurora Projector is out to redefine the term, by pairing a powerful image with high-quality audio in a single package. The DLP projector has a native resolution of 720p with support for 4K sources, supports a maximum screen size of 300 inches, and offers keystone correction for ease of setup. Audio is handled by a built-in Harman/Kardon system that gets the most out of the source material, whether it's streamed to the Android-powered box wirelessly, mirrored from a phone or PC, or inputted over HDMI. At 700 lumens, it's not ideal for a well-lit rooms, but if you were looking for something to run your dedicated theater or power your backyard movie nights, it's more than up to the task, and easily portable, as well.

  • LG Ultra Short Throw LED Smart Projector

    Projectors offer great image size for the dollar. But they generally also require a lot of room to reach their potential. The LG Ultra Short Throw LED Smart Projector displays 1080p video at sizes up to 100" while resting as little as five inches away from the screen or wall. Its LED light source delivers consistent, vivid color and will last for roughly 30,000 hours, built-in Smart TV features mean you don't need a separate box to find great content, and Bluetooth output means you can connect powerful speakers without running wires everywhere.

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