Dead Bookstore Art

Plenty of books and magazines have incredible artwork inside. Typically, though, you have to actually open them to enjoy it. Dead Bookstore Art frees these spreads from their folded constraints, letting you enjoy them like most other artwork: hung on your wall. The selection includes works from books and mags both old and more recent, each of which has been freed from its binding and stitching, its staples straightened and ready for display. Feel like doing it yourself? Each listing has a "Find" button to search for the title on the Internet, as well as how-to instructions for creating your own.

  • Andy Warhol's Mao Painting

    It's certainly not the only one in existence — versions of Warhol's take on the controversial Chinese leader's portrait hang in such esteemed halls as those of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and MoMA — but this Andy Warhol Mao Painting might be the best example to ever appear on the private market. The unique color palette of neon green background, yellow face, blue shirt, and a halo of red makes it standout from its siblings, with the thick layers of paint exemplifying Warhol's style at the time. Signed and dated '73, it measures just 10" x 12", making it an eye-popping yet still understated addition to any serious collection.

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton

    Compiled using bones from three T-rex skeletons found in Montana and Wyoming, this Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton is a museum-quality piece of history. The skeleton is 45% complete, with 135 of its 300 parts in tact, while the rest are filled in with accurate replicas. Named Roosevelt, after the nearby reservoir that was built as part of FDR's New Deal, it sits on a custom steel armature and measures 38 feet long and 12 feet high — so you'd better have a Jurassic-sized room if you plan on putting this in your house.

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