Death Wish Coffee

While it's not as dangerous as the name might seem, Death Wish Coffee ($20) is serious stuff. Two times as powerful as your typical coffe shop cup, it's made from beans with an especially strong amount of caffeine, roasted to a medium-dark level for a strong flavor, and then ground to a specific level for maximum potency.

  • B. Stiff & Sons Old Fashioned Root Beer

    We'll drink pretty much anything put out by Oskar Blues, and when it's for a good cause — and we can actually drink it during working hours — well, that's even better. B. Stiff & Sons Old Fashioned Root Beer ($43/case) is the same home-brewed root beer that's been served at the company's restaurants for years, packaged into a 16oz resealable can, and made available for purchase nationwide. It's named for Brian Stiff, a Lyons, CO resident who recently died unexpectedly at 41 -- a portion of the proceeds are going to his widow and two young boys -- so you can feel good about downing multiple cans of the sugary goodness. [Scouted by Daniel]

  • Stacked Wines

    Corks? Corkscrews? Decanters? So last millennium. Stacked Wines ($15) does away with all of those — and the traditional wine glass — by packaging 750ml of fruity, sunshine-ready wine in four individual stemless glasses, allowing the package to mimic a traditional bottle of wine — and take up a similar amount of space — while removing the need for any tools, accessories, or extra glassware. [via]

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