Deus Ex Machina Grievous Angel Motorcycle

Deus has been making small runs of gorgeous custom bikes for years now — creating some of the meanest-looking rides on two wheels the world has seen, and inspiring plenty of envy along the way — and the Deus Ex Machina Grievous Angel Motorcycle is one of their signature builds that has stood the test of time. Based on a Yamaha SR400, this cafe racer sports a clean and minimalist look with plenty of little details to excite riders and collectors everywhere. With front and rear disk brakes paired to gold calipers and braided lines, AVON Speedmaster tires, a ducktail seat, a bullet fairing, an underslung stubby exhaust, and murdered out in all black, this bike is guaranteed to turn heads and ride great doing it.

  • Lauge Jensen x Henrik Fisker Viking Motorcycle

    We're pretty sure it's not the first bike he's designed, but the Lauge Jensen x Henrik Fisker Viking Motorcycle is certainly one of Fisker's best. Widely known for automotive designs including the BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9, and (obviously) the Fisker Karma, Henrik transformed this classic cruiser into a streamlined street machine. But it's beauty is more than skin deep, thanks to a Harley-Davidson Wisconsin-built Air-cooled V-Twin engine good for 100hp and a top speed of over 130 mph, a six-speed transmission, a dry weight of 660 pounds and up to 70mpg fuel economy.

  • Johammer Electric Motorcycle

    We've seen some bizarre-looking electronic vehicles in our time, but nothing quite compares to the retro-futuristic styling of the Johammer Electric Motorcycle. But there's more to the Johammer than just its strange looks — inside that shiny aluminum fairing, you'll find battery packs that give it a range of up to 120 miles on a single charge, all without sound or emissions. And if you're trying to find the dash on this bike, you'll have to look to the rear-view mirrors (they display all the relevant information you'd typically find elsewhere). Power comes from an electric motor housed in the rear-wheel hub, while the bike forgoes a fork in the front in favor of hub-center steering. You can choose from two models available in five different colors, but regardless, you'll definitely get some looks.

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