DeWalt 5-In-1 Hacksaw

Guess who started making hand tools? The DeWalt 5-In-1 Hacksaw ($25) is part of the legendary brand's new line of hand tools, bringing the same toughness as their battery-powered brethren. This particular specimen features a reversible blade that offers up to 330 pounds of 90 degree slicing on one side and 45 degree flush cuts on the other, a removable nose piece that lets it function as a low-profile hacksaw, a blade storage compartment that holds a reciprocating saw blade, and the ability to serve as a pistol-grip jab saw for cutting drywall.

  • Wera Koloss Hammer Ratchet

    We've all used our ratchets as hammers at one point or another, so why not go ahead and make it official? The Wera Koloss Hammer Ratchet ($100) is designed to take blows with the best of them, thanks to a drop-forged hammer head, but also functions as a heavy-duty reversible ratchet with a minimal six degree return angle, a fine-tooth mechanism, a multi-component Kraftform handle that ensures a secure grip.

  • Glowbar

    What's the biggest problem facing home intruders today? Accidentally breaking glass because they can't see what they're doing. The Glowbar ($80) is here to change all of that. Made from high-carbon steel, it features a hyper-phosphorescent coating that should provide more than enough light to ensure you've got it wedged securely between the door and the frame. Just watch out for those McCallister kids — we hear they can be brutal around the holidays.

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