DeWalt Demo Hammer

It's not too often that you see a tool as time-tested as the hammer get an upgrade, but that's precisely the case with this Demo Hammer from DeWalt. It's an all-in-one tool that was designed for folks doing a remodeling project that might have a bit of demolition involved. It features an oversized strike face to bust through drywall along with an elongated claw curve to pry nails. You also get a 2x4 gripper to make prying floor boards and framing jobs easier.

  • Leatherman Tread Wearable Multi-Tool

    No matter where you find yourself, a trusty multi-tool can come in handy. Of course, it's easier to ensure it's ready to go if you wear it instead of having something that dominates valuable pocket space. That's exactly what you do with the Tread wearable multi-tool from Leatherman. It has an innovative design that was engineered to offer 16 different tools on a stainless steel bracelet, so everything is available at a moment's notice. Many of the links have two or three tools each, giving you a total of 29 tools including drivers, a cutting hook, box wrenches, a glass breaker, and the obligatory bottle opener. TSA friendly, it's also adjustable to accommodate any wrist size and customized with the links you need most. Great for the problem-solving Dad in your life.

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  • Miimo Robot Lawn Mower

    Using a combination of the company's highly reliable engines and robotics know-how, the Miimo Robot Lawn Mower is Honda's latest tool for tackling your yard work. It relies on a boundary wire to know where it's supposed to mow, automatically sensing obstacles, pets, and humans with a set of 360-degree sensors and a floating cover for contact detection. There's a seasonal timer that can match its cutting interval with the rate of growth, multiple cutting modes to handle a variety of lawns, and anti-theft features that keep it secure when you're not around. It's available in two models, capable of cutting for 30 or 60 minutes before recharging, and will be available starting in June.

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