Looking for a more elegant way to plan your days than the iPhone's built-in Calendar app? Give Diacarta ($2) a try. Based around a novel interface that offers two 12-hour periods — AM and PM — for each day, users drag-and-drop from a library of more than 50 graphic icons on to screen, and move it around the edges of the central clock to associate it with a particular time. Simple, elegant, and well-designed, it's well worth the two bucks even if your day planning consists of nothing but "buying beer," "grilling out," and "drinking beer."

  • Guitar Hero for iPhone

    Rock your way to (virtual) stardom where ever you might roam with Guitar Hero for iPhone ($3). This pocketable version of the console music game features a unique interface that lets you tap, strum, whammy, and slide your way through each song, with six included tracks from the likes The Rolling Stones, Weezer, Vampire Weekend, and The White Stripes, with tons more available from within the app — for a price. Our advice would be to get some practice in while you can, before you start attracting even more attention to yourself with that shiny new iPhone 4.

  • Alice for iPad

    We're not ready to call it the coolest iPad app we've seen yet, but Alice for iPad ($9) is the best illustration yet of the iPad's advantages over the Kindle when it comes to breakthrough reading experiences. Featuring every illustration from the original Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, these restored, full color images come to life thanks to a realistic physics engine and the ability to interact with the illustrations using the accelerometer and touchscreen. Sure as hell beats the Teddy Ruxpin we had when we were kids.

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