Dick van Hoff x Thomas Eyck Lunch Set

At some point outdoor gear and menswear collided to form the sort of rustic aesthetic that simultaneously shouts stylish and rugged — and the byproduct of that meeting looks something like this Dick van Hoff x Thomas Eyck Lunch Set ($300). While it's a steep price to pay to be prepared for a day on the trail and to look damn good doing it, there's no doubt it will last for years to come thanks to its fine leather and aluminum construction. So pack up your Pendleton bed roll, throw on your rawest pair of selvage jeans, and get ready to be the best-dressed guy at the trailhead. Just don't forget to pack a lunch.

  • Oakley Airwave 1.5 Goggle

    Wearable technology is becoming increasingly common, making our devices easier to use and the information we have access to more useful than ever. The Oakley Airwave 1.5 Goggle ($650) features a unique heads-up display, delivering data unobtrusively to your field of view every time you hit the slopes. With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS integration, you can control your music, analyze your speed and distance, determine the temperature, and even find your next run while you're on the move. You'll perceive the data in your goggles as if you were looking at a 14-inch screen five feet away, so you won't need to refocus your vision as you're moving. It's the perfect way to access all the information you need when you ski or snowboard, without the need to ever touch your smartphone.

  • Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

    If you're serious about backpacking, camping, or disaster preparedness, and you just can't imagine going on without a functional smartphone or tablet, then the Brunton Hydrogen Reactor ($150) is the portable recharging solution for you. This device doesn't rely on energy from an outlet to get its juice. Instead the hydrogen from its removable and rechargeable cores combines with oxygen from the atmosphere to create power on the spot, producing no emissions other than a puff of water vapor. The reactor is just over five inches long, weighs only half a pound, and can charge an iPhone through its built in USB port up to six times without needing a replaced or recharged core.

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