DIY Print Shop Kits

Teach yourself the craft of screen printing with these DIY Print Shop Kits ($250-$280). Available in t-shirt and poster varieties, each kit includes everything you need to get started, including a press, a wood screen, a halogen exposure light with mounting fixture, a squeegee, a scoop coater, a pint of photo emulsion, a yellow bulb, ink, a screen degraser, emulsion remover, adhesive, scrub pads, french or parchment paper, a manual, and an instructional DVD. Despite all the equipment, it's really not that hard. We promise.

  • ASB GlassFloor

    Forget everything you know about sports flooring. ASB GlassFloor ($TBA) is here to revolutionize the floor of most indoor sports. Made from glass, ceramic, and aluminum, the GlassFloor features a colored foil on the bottom that gives it its hue while keeping the tint from wearing off. But the big deal is the glass' transparency, which makes it possible to install LED marking lines under the surface that can be turned on and off at will, making it impossibly easy to transition from basketball to volleyball — or nearly any other indoor sport — while keeping the floor clean of unwanted markings.

  • Voltaic USB Touchlight

    Odds are, if you have a smartphone, tablet, or multiple modern devices, you probably have one of those portable battery packs for on-the-go charging. Put it to good use when it's not in use by hooking it to the Voltaic USB Touchlight ($35). This waterproof USB light features a stylish silver body and a patent-pending lens that you tap on to cycle through three brightness levels. You can hang it like a pendant light — to light a tent or the underside of your car's hood, for example — or hook it to the included flex cable and use it pretty much however you want.

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