Domus 12 Volume Set

Domus 12 Volume Set

Design geeks, take notice. The Domus 12 Volume Set ($600) is a kind of "greatest hits" for the Italian design and architecture magazine, taken from 1928-1999. Many of the articles have been translated into English for the first time, and all of them appear just as they did in the pages of their original issues. The set also includes a comprehensive searchable index on CD, making finding the information you need that much easier. Whether you're a design enthusiast or are just now learning, this is a great addition to your reference library.

  • Alternadad

    It's not easy being a hipster parent. At least, that's what Neal Pollack would have you believe in his latest work, Alternadad ($15). Pollack, known for his pop-culture classic The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature, takes a look at his transition from party-loving hipster to son-loving hipster parent with his typical direct style. Filled with tongue-in-cheek humor and heartfelt stories, this book is sure to be a treat for any of us scared to death at the thought of losing our cultural identity because of a little one.

  • Absolutely MAD Magazine

    MAD Magazine has long been known for its off-the-wall humor and insightful gags. If you're a fan but would rather not have an enormous stack of paper sitting around your house, this is for you. Absolutely MAD Magazine ($40) includes every issue of MAD, ever, all on one DVD, along with interviews from the MAD writers, clips of Spy vs Spy, and every page of every issue in .pdf format — over 17,500 pages in all. Sure, it's all digital, but do you really want your guests to find out you have over 600 issues of MAD?

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