With advancements in small-scale UAVs, aerial photography has completely evolved over the last decade. These drones are going where no camera has gone before to capture a unique perspective of the world. To celebrate this new medium of photography, photo editor Ayperi Karabuda Ecer and the website Dronestagram have teamed up to bring you Dronescapes. The book consists of 250 of the most inspiring pictures taken by quadcopters, along with the process behind every image. For the budding drone photographer, there's also a complete guide on proper drone usage and selecting the best model for you.

  • Fast Forward

    The mass-produced automobile changed human society forever. The promise of affordable, long-distance travel made our world a little smaller and our dreams a little bigger — there was always something just over the horizon. Fast Forward catalogs some of the world's most unique cars, charting what we thought was the shape of things to come in steel and glass and four wheels. From the airplane-inspired behemoths of the 50s, the crisp, modern 60s, and the angular, sci-fi shapes of the 70s, where people wanted to go was captured in what we dreamed to drive.

  • The Field Study Handbook

    It's not exactly a "self-help" book — after all, most of those are little more than lists of steps to reach pre-determined goals. The Field Study Handbook is more of a guide to seeing the world differently so that you're capable of crafting your own steps and setting your own goals. Penned by the founder of a consultancy that specializes in human behavior, this brilliantly illustrated tome is an excellent way to ensure you make the most of your interactions with people and nature, both at home and abroad, such that you never waste an opportunity to enrich your life.

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