Drop Smart Scale

Almost as soon as the iPad was announced, it became a kitchen staple for tons of cooks around the world — but unfortunately, none of the recipes it could offer up were able to communicate with anything else in your kitchen. The Drop Smart Scale is about to change that. It's the first in a series of smart kitchen products that connect with an app to ensure you're using the right amount of each ingredient, while automatically moving on to the next step so you don't get gunk all over your screen, and letting you easily increase or reduce quantities by doing all the math for you. Just open the app, turn on the scale, place a bowl on top, and go.

  • Strietman ES3 Espresso Machine

    Most modern espresso machines are rather complex affairs, with built-in frothers, pumps, and sometimes even grinders, letting you brew a cup with the press of a button. The Strietman ES3 Espresso Machine is not most espresso machines. Handmade in the Netherlands, this carefully built machine uses the time-tested lever technique to press hot water through the coffee with a piston, providing you with a perfect cup every time. Features include an open boiler that holds up to 350cc of water, three included filter basket and a double spout for brewing two cups at a time, and a handsome wooden wall-mount frame.

  • La Marzocco Mistral Espresso Machine

    Looking more like a piece of Cylon technology than anything made by human hands, the La Marzocco Mistral Espresso Machine would feel right at home in your geeky office space or quirky coffee shop. In slight of its intimidating appearance and commercial build-quality, this machine is easy to use once it's all set up, letting you brew great espresso and steam milk like a pro. It features automatic setting, a double boiler, an articulating steam wand, high capacity, a hot water dispenser, a cup warmer, and much more. It's so easy you may never head to another Starbucks again.

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