DT Premium Putter

DT's original Smart Putter was more of a training tool than a club you'd put in the bag, with a built-in surface level meant to help you read the greens. The new DT Premium Putter removes the level but leaves the solid feel intact. Its high-grade stainless steel head features a large opening that helps with balance and makes alignment a little easier, while the rubber grip provides secure handling even in less-than-ideal conditions. It's available for both right- and left-handed players and arrives with an embroidered leather head cover.

  • Forge Drakkar Skateboard

    Inspired by classic Viking longships, the Forge Drakkar Skateboard is a rugged yet refined take on a traditional longboard. The main deck is built from black walnut, with the edges left rough and high-end hardware underneath. A piece of hand-sculpted brass on one end provides a finishing touch, and thanks to a collaboration with Crucible New York, also supports a small company of Ghanese artisans. Limited to just 100 pieces.

  • Tyche T1 Golf Training Tool

    The worst four-letter word you can utter on a golf course isn't even a curse word: it's "yips." These involuntary tremors and spasms just before impact can destroy your putting stroke seemingly overnight. The Tyche T1 Golf Training Tool is designed to defeat them. It consists of a base unit, shaft-mounted sensor, and virtual coaching app, all of which work together to help you regain your stroke. The base unit lets you perform various exercises to regain lost feeling, unlearn bad behaviors, and build back your confidence. All the while it's analyzing data from both the club sensor and an optoelectronic sensor in the base to figure out just what you need to get your game back.

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