When we think of products previously endorsed by the late Billy Mays, industrial-strength tools aren't the first thing that comes to mind. Yet that's exactly what the DualSaw ($180) is. Powered by a 900 watt motor that spins two laser-honed, tungsten carbine-tipped blades in opposite directions at 6,000 RPMs, this beastly hand-held saw can cut through damn near anything, forwards or backwards, without the nasty kickbacks or sparks produced by traditional saws, and comes in a handsome carrying case. [Thanks, Ron]

  • Blomus Aguo Watering Can

    When it comes to well-designed, lust-worthy objects, watering cans aren't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Yet here sits the Blomus Aguo Watering Can ($80-$135). Made from stainless steel and available in sizes from 47 oz. up to 1.3 gallons, it's a great way to offset the tackiness oozing from those garden gnomes you got from Grandma.

  • Silky BigBoy Saw

    Get your overgrown yard in check with the Silky BigBoy Saw ($55). A whopping 14.2 inches in length, this multi-purpose folding saw features sharp teeth with four cutting angles down the length of the blade for smooth cutting of even the most challenging woods, a weight of one pound to keep your limbs from tiring, and a non-slip two-handed rubberized cushioned handle that won't wear down your soft, baby-like hands.

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