Dune Hybrid Boat Concept

Deceptively large given its sleek profile, this Dune Hybrid Boat Concept by designer Eugeni Quitllet blurs the line between speedboat and sailboat. Its streamlined shape comes to a dramatic point 60 meters from the stern, which holds the engine that drives the hidden propeller. The deck provides ample lounging space, with the open cockpit hidden behind a wood-clad dune-like hump in the center, while below deck are six cabins done up in a gold finish to match the exterior.

  • Heesen Project Maximus Yacht

    Measuring a massive 83 meters in length, the aptly named Heesen Project Maximus Yacht borrows tricks from cruise ship design to make the most of its space. Conceived by noted designer Clifford Denn, it has several signature features more commonly found on larger vessels, including the arched sides, large swaths of glass, and forward-placed wheelhouse. The latter makes way for unbroken, open decks, tied together by exterior stairs and a long pool that's fed by a waterfall from above and flows into a jacuzzi near the beach club below.

  • Patriot Campers X1 Adventure Trailer

    Ready to tackle any terrain and keep you comfortable once you've crossed it, the Patriot Campers X1 Adventure Trailer is an ideal travel companion for off-roaders. It has a rugged off-road air suspension, linked to a galvanized chassis and powder-coated aluminum monocoque body with 2000 liters of storage space. There's also a side-mounted kitchen with portable fridge, sink, and twin-burner gas cooktop, a mid-size gas grill on an articulated swing-out arm towards the front, and a tent with a king size bed frame and comfortable mattress built into the roof. Two deep cycle batteries provide power for the LED lights, hidden marine-grade stereo, and various charging ports, and a gas water heating system ensures you can take a hot shower no matter where you've made camp.

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