Eastern Collective Textile iCables

Apple tries hard, but battery life isn't exactly at the top of the feature list for iPhones and iPads — which makes chargers a necessary and not exactly good-looking evil. Dress them up a bit with Eastern Collective Textile iCables ($14). These handsome accessories feature a standard USB plug on one end and an Apple 30-pin connector on the other, with stylish woven designs in between, letting you charge up your iGadgets without succumbing to the tangled white cable monster.

  • Philips Mini DJ System

    DJ apps simply not cutting it for you? If you've got a couple of iPhones or iPod touches laying around, you can get a more tactile experience from the Philips Mini DJ System (£300; roughly $470). This shiny, oversized boombox features dual rotating docks for Apple's smaller devices, with a channel fader for mixing the two sources together. Other features include 300W of total power, a 3.5mm input for other audio sources, two 5.25-inch woofers and two 2-inch tweeters, an integrated dynamic lighting system, an FM radio, dual microphone inputs with volume and echo controls, an LCD display, a remote control, compatibility with the optional djay app, and integrated handles. Or you could just use djay, an iPad, and an Apple TV — totally up to you. [via]

  • Out of Print eBook Jackets

    We're generally fans of eBooks — the convenience factor far outweighs any missed tactile experience — but we do lament the slow, agonizing death of proper book covers. Out of Print eBook Jackets ($40-$45) seek to solve this dilemma by wrapping your Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, or iPad in cover art from literary classics. Thanks to the fact that they're made like real books with book board and cloth, they feel just like real books, which is far more than we can say for the aluminum/plastic build of your tablet.

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