Eat Your Vegetables

If you live alone, you know how tough it can be to eat the way you're supposed to. It's often easier to just run to the drive-through or whip up some microwavable garbage. Eat Your Vegetables: Bold Recipes for the Single Cook ($18) is here to help you get more veggies in your diet, especially when you're cooking for one. Written for vegetarians, flexitarians, and omnivores alike, this book has recipes like curried mushroom bean burgers, risotto with greens and zucchini, kimchi deviled eggs, and spinach enchiladas — so getting your daily-dose of veg never has to be boring again.

  • The Wes Anderson Collection

    If you can't get enough of Wes Anderson's quirky characters, unmistakable scenery, and oddball situational humor, then the The Wes Anderson Collection ($28) was made with you in mind. Giving readers a detailed look into Anderson's life, career, and filmography — including Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Moonrise Kingdom — this book offers a rare glimpse into the mind of a truly-talented director. Based on an extensive interview between Anderson and film critic Matt Zoller Seitz, this book weaves in photography, artwork, and memorabilia to help tell its story.

  • Super Graphic

    If you're a comic-book geek, a data-visualization nerd, or ideally both, you're going to find a lot to like in Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe ($15). The amount of information spanning generations of comics can be daunting, even for the hardcore fan — with different universes, conflicting story arcs, backstories, rivalries, not to mention the huge array of heroes and villains. This book simplifies it all into easily-digestible diagrams, charts, graphs, timelines, and more, all well-thought-out and beautifully-designed.

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