Encre Noire Cologne

Ideal for a crisp evening in November spent at your favorite bar, Encre Noire Cologne ($35) is a woodsy scent that begins with fresh piney top notes of cypress. Middle notes of bourbon vetiver add a cool, woody, leathery dimension to the scent, while base notes of cashmere wood and musk balance it out and add a seasonally-appropriate rustic element. Made by Lalique, this scent is created for the guy who isn't afraid to wear something bold and powerful, yet complex.

  • Bottega Veneta Pour Homme

    If you're looking for a fragrance that's as manly as it is unique, then check out Bottega Veneta Pour Homme ($80-$110), their first cologne made for men. It's made from fir balsam, pine, juniper, and leather giving it a refined, yet masculine scent. The bottle is made from Murano glass, features matte black hardware, and leather around the cap. Choose from a 1.7 ounce bottle or a larger three ounce bottle.

  • Sex Panther Cologne

    While we can't officially comment on the amount of real panther bits contained in Sex Panther Cologne ($35), we can tell you that 60 percent of the time, it works every time — but you already knew that. So, if your perfectly-groomed caterpillar mustache and red polyester suit aren't quite attracting the attention you crave, it might be time to consider a bolder tack. This officially-licensed Anchorman cologne is truly the stuff of legends, and is meant for only the manliest of men (the kind of men who play jazz flute and fearlessly face a full-grown bear, head on). If that's not you, it might be best to leave this stuff for the real men.

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