Encyclopedia of Haunted Places

Encyclopedia of Haunted Places

Make your Halloween infinitely more interesting with a copy of the Encyclopedia of Haunted Places ($14). Compiled by ghost-hunting guru Jeff Belanger, this 360-page guide lists points of interest around the globe, from inns and restaurants to graveyards and libraries, each complete with names, addresses, phone numbers, and Web addresses, as well as first-hand accounts of the haunted locations from paranormal investigators. Don't just dress up like a ghost — go out and find your own.

  • Sports Illustrated Slide Show

    Back in the days before photography went digital on a large scale, publications like Sports Illustrated had to keep slides of past photos around for reference and re-use, carefully labeling each one for posterity. Sports Illustrated Slide Show ($20) is a 176-page hardcover tribute to these relics of a not-so-distant past, collecting some of SI's most iconic images as slides, complete with behind-the-scenes tales of how the shot developed. Great reading for sports fans and shutterbugs alike.

  • Twitter Wit

    Some of the funniest one- and two-liners we've heard over the last couple years have come from Twitter, so it's no surprise someone finally compiled a bundle of them for easy digestion. Twitter Wit ($10) is a 176-page index of some of the most noteworthy, hilarious tweets posted to the service thus far, proving that sometimes 140 characters is more than plenty to get your readers ROFL'ing. [Thanks, Eric]

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