Everything You Know Is Pong

Everything You Know Is Pong

If you're a ping pong fan, you owe it to yourself to read through Everything You Know Is Pong ($17). This seriously silly book from Roger Bennett and McSweeney's vet Eli Horowitz delves into the game on a number of levels, looking past the simple physics and gameplay to explore the game's influence on our modern culture. Oh, it also contains nudity, which never hurts.

  • The Selby Is in Your Place

    The works of creative thinkers are just half the story — to get the rest, you need to follow them home. And that's exactly what photographer Todd Selby did. The Selby Is in Your Place ($23) is a 250+ page collection of Selby's portraits of creative, dynamic, and just plain interesting people in the places where they live and work. Over 30 such profiles lie within; for the rest, check out his website.

  • Sketchnotes

    Ever miss a day of class and have to borrow notes from a trusted classmate? Sketchnotes ($38) is kinda like that. Filled with handsomely illustrated notes from tons of events and conferences held during 2009 and 2010, it offers insight into over 100 talks from the likes of Tim Berners-Lee, Stephen Fry, Edward Tufte, and many other bright minds from the field of user interaction and design. [via]

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