Evo Grill

Entertain your guests with your grill expertise in a whole new way with the Evo Grill. The circular, flat-top stainless steel grill features an open design, inviting guests and diners to gather around and wonder at your cooking skill. The dual burner flameless cooktop and precise heating controls let you handle a variety of foods, and it can be used with other cookware for boiling and poaching, or used with an included hood for baking and roasting. Versatility galore, with cooking power to spare.

  • Grill Tray

    Use your grill for more than just burning meat with this Grill Tray ($50) from Williams-Sonoma. Made from a patented heat-conducting aluminum alloy, the 16.5-inch tray is great for cooking dishes like nachos or fajitas, and its pewter-like looks make it a suitable serving dish as well. Go forth and cook.

  • Weber Summit S-650 Grill

    You won't find many gas grills more versatile than this. The Weber Summit S-650 Gas Grill ($1,700) offers a host of cooking options, including six independently controlled stainless-steel burners heating nearly 700 sq. inches of grilling surface, a dedicated smoker burner and stainless-steel smoker box, to which you add presoaked chips to smoke your foods, an infrared rotisserie burner with built-in attachment and motor, and a side burner with a flush-mounted cover, as well as two cordless lights that automatically switch on when the lid is raised to let you continue cooking after the sun goes down.

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