Feddz Electric Bike

In case you haven't noticed, one of the huge advantages to electric vehicles is the extra room created by removing the gas tank and motor from the equation. Few vehicles take advantage of this space like the Feddz Electric Bike. Shaped like a motorcycle, it uses the space left behind to provide 23 liters of cargo space, with two belts on either side for keeping things secure and a USB port for charging your phone or gadgets. Add in the removable battery that lets you charge the bike in your flat and a range of 70-110 km, and you've got one smart urban machine.

  • Snow Bike Kit

    So you want to ride your motorcycle during the winter, eh? Well, you'd better start planning a trip for somewhere warm, or outfit your ride with a Snow Bike Kit. Available in short track, long track, and snow cross models, this unique add on replaces your rear wheel with a spiked track that plows through ice and snow with no problem, and your front wheel with a ski-like apparatus that is far more useful for steering than a thin traditional tire. In addition, it also adds storage space, so you can bring along some cold-friendly gear — like coffee, blankets, and whiskey.

  • Urb-E Scooter

    Okay, so maybe it took its design direction from the bizarre lovechild of a traffic light and a razor scooter, but that doesn't make the Urb-E Scooter any less of a practical way to get about town. With a 20 mile range on each charge, and a top speed of up to 15 miles per hour, it's a great way to make your commute just a little easier to handle — and since it can fold up small enough to fit onto a bus or train, you can take it pretty much anywhere. Available in two models, you can choose from the three-wheeled Commuter or the two-wheeled GP, depending on whether you prefer stability or a touch of adventure.

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