Felon Fitness

Felon Fitness

In all honesty, we could probably just print the tagline for Felon Fitness ($11) — "How to Get a Hard Body Without Doing Hard Time" — and leave it at that, but since we are talking about prison, and the word "hard" appears twice in that statement, we figured some clarification was in order. This 224-page guide to getting buff focuses on exercises and techniques used by real-life inmates, all designed to leave you looking like you've been to jail and back — without the random scars and poor-quality tattoos, of course.

  • House of Cash

    Johnny Cash was by all accounts an interesting character, and who better to tell the story of his life than his own son? House of Cash ($26) gathers up unpublished family photos, lyrics, art, and notes, and mixes them together with author John Carter Cash's recollections of talks between himself and his legendary dad, covering topics ranging from creativity to morality, all straight from the mouth of The Man in Black. [Scouted by Mark]

  • Odd Bits

    You can buy organic, grass-fed, conscientiously grown meat all you want, but if you're only eating one part of that chicken, cow, or hog, you're wasting a lot of usable protein — and that's totally un-green of you. Odd Bits: How to Cook the Rest of the Animal ($22) will teach you how to handle and cook delicious meals using those unsung, largely unused parts like cheeks, tongues, necks, marrow, and more. It might sound gross, but then again, so did bacon moon pies — until you tried 'em.

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