Fender Squier USB Stratocaster Guitar

The number of awesome audio apps seems to grow by the day — yet getting your real-world gear to interface with your devices still requires messy dongles. Or at least it did. The Fender Squier USB Stratocaster Guitar ($200) sports a built-in mini-USB connector that lets you hook directly into your iDevice, Mac, or PC, as well as an onboard headphone jack with volume control. Of course, it's still a Strat, so you can also plug it into any amp and rock out the old fashioned way — the choice is yours.

  • Offerman Wood Shop Kazoo

    Lacking in musical talent? Not to worry — you can still be in the band by looking the part with the Offerman Wood Shop Kazoo ($49). Maybe or maybe not hand-crafted by Nick Offerman of Parks and Recreation fame from poplar and walnut and designed to fit easily inside your pocket/belt/bag, it's as serious as you can get... while holding a kazoo in your hand.

  • Moleskine Photo Books

    We know how durable Moleskine notebooks can be, and we also know that most guys printing out a photo book likely want it to last — so it only makes sense to combine the two. Moleskine Photo Books ($40) are custom printed 20-page books filled with photos of your choosing. The hard cover of the roughly 9" x 7.5" book features a title and one of your images inset into the cover, and ivory inner pages make sure your photos look their best. There's even an expandable inner pocket for adding to the memories. Looking for more? The $75 Photo Book Plus offers 60 pages, a linen fabric slipcase, a downloadable PDF version, and an online digital flipbook.

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