Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Tracker

All the features you expect in a small, stylish package. That's what the Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Tracker promises. The world's slimmest wrist-based heart rate tracker, it required the development of a one-of-a-kind chip to pack in all its functionality. In addition to keeping tabs on your heart rate, calories burned, steps, and distance, it also uses data from the accelerometer and your heart rate variability to track how long you spend in the various stages of sleep, then gives you feedback and tips on how to maximize your time in bed. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, paired with rubber, leather, or stainless steel wristbands and bracelets.

  • YO Sperm Tester

    Trips to the fertility doctor are rarely pleasant. The YO Sperm Test lets you see how your swimmers are doing from the comfort of your own home. Using an app and a phone-eating "clip" with a mini-microscope built-in, it's able to analyze your samples in just a few minutes, giving you a view of your actual moving sperm and some funny banter before displaying the results. It was developed by a commercial-grade producer of semen analyzers, has been found to be 97 percent accurate, and since it attaches to the same device you'll likely be using for "viewing material" anyway, it's far and away the most convenient way to check up on your reproductive health.

  • Marble Kettlebell

    Whether due to its bulk or its looks, most workout equipment begs to be stored away when it's not in use. This Marble Kettlebell pulls double duty as both a serious fitness tool and a pleasing design object. Each one is completely unique, handmade to order by skilled artisans. The kettlebell can be customized with your initials, made from your choice of marble, and cut to fit your size/weight needs.

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