Fjader Pen

Fjader Pen

As much as we've moved our lives over to the virtual digital realm, there are still times when we need to write something out by hand. The Fjader Pen ($40) is a fine choice for the job, with an included stand and a clean, modern design that recalls an old school feather pen — in fact, the word fjader means "feather" in Swedish, and is probably also the name of a kickin' dinette set from Ikea. [Thanks, Colin]

  • Ruby Receptionists

    One of the biggest challenges facing small business owners — especially those running a virtual office — is finding someone to man the phones. Ruby Receptionists is a Portland-based company that seeks to help with this problem by providing a team of friendly, trained virtual receptionists who can answer your company's phone calls, forward them to you, send calls to voicemail, and even transcribe important messages and deliver them via email should you be tied up taking care of another project. It's not just cheaper than hiring an on-site receptionist — it also eliminates any chance of your colleagues becoming overly enamored with the new help. [Thanks, Greg]

  • Moleskine Passions Journals

    Have a passion for music, food, wine, recipes, wellness, or film? The new line of Moleskine Passions Journals ($14) are for you. These specific-purpose notebooks -- individually tailored for each of the subjects above -- offer pages divided by printed tabs, each with a themed layout, pages divided by blank tabs for you to personalize with the included adhesive labels, blank pages, themed charts, calendars, glossaries, and listings, along with a unique black cover, fully embossed with themed images and writings.

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