Framed Tweets

Hundreds of millions of tweets are posted each day. Most are garbage. Some are gold. For the latter, there's Framed Tweets. Exactly what it says, they sell a curated selection of tweets from celebrities, politicians, comics, and just plain old interesting or funny people, all printed on high-quality paper with archival ink and placed in an ornate golden frame. Should you have a favorite 140 character blurb that's not on their site, they also have a custom service that will place any tweet you want inside a frame.

  • Dead Bookstore Art

    Plenty of books and magazines have incredible artwork inside. Typically, though, you have to actually open them to enjoy it. Dead Bookstore Art frees these spreads from their folded constraints, letting you enjoy them like most other artwork: hung on your wall. The selection includes works from books and mags both old and more recent, each of which has been freed from its binding and stitching, its staples straightened and ready for display. Feel like doing it yourself? Each listing has a "Find" button to search for the title on the Internet, as well as how-to instructions for creating your own.

  • Stellavie Director Portrait Prints

    Every great film is a time-consuming, painstaking work of art. Celebrate them appropriately with Stellavie Director Portrait Prints. These giclée fine art pieces measure roughly 16" x 20" and are printed on textured, acid-free cotton paper. Developed in collaboration with artist Julian Rentzsch, each one combines the visage of a famous director — Nolan, Coppola, Spielberg, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Scorsese, Lynch, Burton, or Tarantino — with elements from their iconic films and a personal quote that briefly sums up their signature style. Limited to 200 prints per edition, signed and numbered by the artist, they're a perfect upgrade over traditional movie posters.

    Presented by Stellavie.

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