We're launching a new site today. Brought to you by the well-traveled guys behind Uncrate and Devour, and sponsored by the fine folks at Cadillac, Gallivant is a new publication for men who seek the best places to stay, shop, eat, drink, and be merry. Think of it as Uncrate, but for places instead of products. Not relegated to fancy-schmancy restaurants or upscale hotels, Gallivant curates the places real men want to frequent, introducing them to hidden gems and old standbys alike from across the world. For the man who has a thirst (and appetite) for cool accommodations, great food, hopping nightlife, superb shopping, and great entertainment, Gallivant picks up where Uncrate leaves off, covering everything you can't order online.

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We want you. We're looking for guys in major cities to be our soldiers on the ground, visiting these places, eating the food, drinking the whiskey. You won't be paid, but we will pick up the bill. If you're a great writer, great photographer, and know an awesome place when you see it, get in touch and join the team.

  • Cardiio

    Is it magic? We're not sure, but we are sure that Cardiio ($5) can do something it shouldn't just by looking at your face. Based on MIT technology, it measures when your face is reflecting more light and when it's not, giving you a semi-accurate idea of your heart rate without ever having to strap a single sensor to your wrist, chest, or nether regions. [Scouted by Richard]

  • Burner

    Your phone number is one of your most precious pieces of private information. So act like it. Burner ($2) lets you create new phone numbers on-demand, allowing you to make and receive voice calls and text messages just like a real phone number — the only difference being that you can "burn" the number anytime you like. Perfect for shady Craigslist transactions, social media listings, and the crazy person you picked up at the bar last week.

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