Game Table

Ah, the iPad. We're expecting it to replace magazines, books, our laptops — at least some of the time — and... board games? Yup, Game Table ($1) aims to do exactly that, offering realistic checkers, chess, and card games. All the action is controlled by you and a friend with intuitive touch controls, while the physics engine sucks you in like a Michael Bay explosion. If six games simply isn't enough for you, check out BoardBox ($4), which packs 15 games into its virtual package.

  • Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II for iPhone

    Prepare yourself for the arrival of Final Fantasy XIIIpre-orders still available — by spending some quality time with Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II for the iPhone and iPod touch ($9/each). Significantly updated from their 8-bit NES counterparts, these new versions boast fully touch-happy interfaces, vastly upgraded graphics, and yet all the dungeon crawling, spell-casting, chocobo-riding fun of the originals. Just be careful where you play them — nothing screams "dork" quite like yelling in glee after a fierce battle while waiting in line outside the strip club.

  • Square

    Whether you're running a small business, gearing up for your summertime lemonade stand, or simply want a way to process the door charges at your next multi-kegger, Square can help. This new service uses a small headphone port-connecting card reader and accompanying iPhone app to allow you to accept credit, debit, and pre-paid gift card payments anywhere you have an Internet connection. The customer signs with their finger, and can even have the receipt sent directly to their e-mail account. Beats the hell out of the ol' metal cash box.

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